One Platform for Program Tracking and Compliance

All the features of LifeTraq work together to improve reporting, results and motivate users

Improve Program Tracking

Increase participation and programming compliance with real-time data, accountability and gamified engagement.

Stop Turnover and Burnout

Improve staff morale and resiliency with more rewards and recognition in programming.

Reduce Violence

Reduce violence among inmates and improve officer safety with tracking, rewards.

Improve Program Tracking and Compliance

Stay organized and focused with central spaces for conversations, programs, files, tools and people.
Ensure that all programming and participants are meeting required compliance guidelines with real-time data and reporting.
Improve programming participation and results with built in motivation and rewards so participants are recognized for their efforts.

Stop Staff Turnover and Burnout

Boost health, resiliency, and overall wellbeing with clearly defined programming, incentives and recognition for progress made.
Improve morale and motivation with clear incentives and rewards for desired activities and growth.
Retain new hires and keep veteran employees with clear paths to job success, recognition and rewards.

Reduce Violence and Recidivism

Reduce Violence
With proper program design and clear incentives and tracking, violence between inmates and COs can be dramatically reduced.
Improve Officer Safety
COs experience the 3rd highest rates of work-related injuries and illnesses that required absences from work.
Re-entry Success
Greater program compliance and ongoing programming incentives increases reentry programming success, this reducing recidivism.