Improve Programming Compliance and Tracking

LifeTraq is the leading innovation provider of patent-pending behavioral technology programming for the criminal justice system and community partners. We specialize in programming compliance design and tracking from reentry programming to addiction recovery and beyond. HIPAA Compliant

Our partners see measurable results fast

Improve program results and tracking

Securely synchronize all program assessments and tracking

Powerful assessment role mapping to improve program delivery and outcomes

Access instant assessment feedback and performance data

Track the total journey from entry to reentry and beyond

Incentivize personal programming achievements

Design precise, personalized action plans

Connect outside services and counseling

What others have to say...

Access to powerful data

I was hopeful that Oura’s contribution to the LifeTraq platform will really make a difference by bringing accurate health signals to the surface that they couldn’t read before. The information that our partnered technologies can bring...demonstrates how powerful metrics like HRV and Sleep Staging are when combined with behavioral outcome data. In this case, it may help us spot irregularities ahead of time, and that could literally save a life…

Harpreet Sing Rai, OURA RING CEO

Eradicate addiction relapse

The LifeTraq piece has been fundamental in allowing us to add another component to our treatment process. And essentially making it a 30 day process into a 90 day process, where the clients are here onsite for 30 days, and through the program, through the development of the LifeTraq piece, we follow them now for another 60 days when they go home. It’s just been astounding to see how people can move into that process with much more confidence knowing that we’re going to be there with them throughout that process.  

Janie Hogue , Therapist and Program Manager
The Sanctuary

Successful military transitions

Bottom line, LifeTraq represents a proverbial “breakthrough” for me. The next phase of our training program is implementation, and one of the key “To-Do” items on my list is to develop the Action Plan - identify the tenets that are common to all plans; articulate and assess progress against short- and long-term goals; determine the format; and integrate a methodology to include elements tailored to each TSM. No easy task indeed, but with LifeTraq as the platform - and format for the Action Plan - things just got A LOT less daunting. And, of course, LifeTraq can serve as more than just THE Action Plan.

Dr. Farzana Nabi